Zeugma Mosaic Museum

First of all, this museum of amazing collections is supposed to be the biggest in Turkey and the second largest of its kind in the world. The museum’s mosaics are mainly focused on Zeugma and it is thought to have been founded by one of the generals in Alexander the Great’s army. If you are into art and archeology this place is definitely a must. The mosaics that you are going to see are well arranged and kept inside the museum and each one of them has a different story to tell you.

By the way, the mosaics were discovered in 1960 and normally it takes at least 1,5 hour to see the whole museum. You will also love to read the love stories of the mosaics.

What happened to the mosaics?

The mosaics were first discovered  in 1960 but unfortunately five years later, something happened. Bowling Green State University in the U.S took whatever they unsurfaced of the Gypsy girl mosaic back to the U.S.A. However, Turkish archeological team of experts hadn’t fully discovered the Gypsy girl  part of the mosaic yet. Then in 1998, they started to look for the 12 missing pieces of it and finally in 2012, Turkey asked for the missing pieces from Bowling State University. It took another 5 years of negotiation and finally a protocol was signed between the parts for the return of the ‘missing’ pieces. Fortunately, the pieces that were being on display in the university in America were sent back to Turkey on November 27, 2018 to be set back to its original place in Gaziantep.

The Gypsy Girl

At the rear of the museum, there is a darkened room, in which they display the famous “Gypsy Girl.” According to some, it is the face of a young Alexander the Great. However, there is still a controversy over the subject.

How to go there?

The Gaziantep Airport is only  20 km to the city center. There are direct flights through Germany. There are indirect connections to other European countries transferring at Ankara or Istanbul to Gaziantep. There are scheduled intercity coach connections with all cities of Turkey or you could arrange a private shuttle service through your agency.

If you happen to have any questions about the place or on a different subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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