Travel Tips – How Can You Arrive at The Airport on Time


Nobody would like to miss his/her flight. You can be a businessman, a holiday seeker or somebody who needs to fly to see his/her sick relatives. If you find it difficult to get to the plane before the doors start to close, you can use these travel tips to make sure you arrive on time. Let’s see what we have!

Hire a driver

Instead of driving yourself, make arrangements for a car service or  airport shuttle to pick you up at a designated time. Having someone knocking on your door will get you moving.

Pack the Night Before

If you are the type that throws clothes into a bag at the last minute as you dash out the door, it’s time to get a bit more organized. The night before your flight do most of your packing. The only things you should be packing the day of the flight is toiletries and your cell phone charger.

Keep Your Schedule Free

When you have a late afternoon or evening flight, it can be tempting to pack the day with as much as possible before the plane takes off. However, too much on your schedule could mean getting to the airport late. Keep your schedule free at least a couple of hours before.

Check-in Online If Possible

Most airlines offer easy to use online check-in options. You can print your boarding pass at home and avoid at least one line at the airport. Even if you can’t do it at home, use a check-in kiosk when possible instead of standing in line.

Avoid Checking Luggage

Traveling as light as possible can be a major advantage when it comes to getting to the airport on time. Not only does it make packing faster, it makes it easier to get to the gate on time since you don’t have to stop and check the luggage.

Know Your Parking Options

Most larger airports offer a number of parking options. You might park close but pay more. You can park further out but have to take a shuttle to the terminal. You might get into a parking garage, but it’s on the opposite side of the airport from the terminal. Knowing the parking options beforehand will allow you to plan the best arrival time.

Of course, having a car service do the driving for you will save you all of this hassle.

Dress for Security

Alright! You arrived at  the airport, but still you need to get through security to get to the gate for your flight. Be prepared and it should go smoothly. Wear shoes you can easily get in and out of. If you need a jacket or sweater to stay warm, choose one that slips on and off easily. Put your loose pocket items into a pouch or small purse, so you can easily drop into the scanner bin.

When you need to get to the airport on time, your best option is to hire an airport transfer service. You can contact us and we can help you to book your transportation. Please never hesitate to call or e-mail us for any questions  related to airport transfers.

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