Can’t take my eyes off you!

The city of wonder,

The city of love,

Since I first saw you,

I can’t take my eyes off you, Istanbul!


This is how people feel about Istanbul.

This city that saw many nations, many battles…Numerous brave generals and their soldiers walked through the streets of it. People fell in love, people had quarrels and they brought their children up into this marvellous city.

The Landscape Is Just So Beautiful!

Is there any other city in the world that is bounded by 2 different seas, connected by a stunning blue strait with the Golden Horn?  There’s also  the forests all around. Once the sun shimmers off the water and shines across the whole city, there’s nothing else like it. Moreover, the city of Istanbul connects two continents of Asia and Europe, literally like a bridge. Finding the right word to express the beauty of Istanbul is quite difficult. You should come and experience it in person.

An Ancient  Peninsula Full of History

There is a lot to see in Istanbul.The Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, the mosques, the museums, the churches, the synagogues.Every street, every shop , every little house has a different story to tell you. You could go for a walk around the ancient streets of this mysterious city for days, may be even for months. What you will get after all

that wandering is nothing but joy mixed with amazing history.

Delicious  Food

There is a saying in Turkey:  The way to one’s heart passes through one’s stomach. You understand how true is this saying when you start tasting delicious cousine of Istanbul. The syrupy and crusty baklava, the breakfast spreads that cover tables and tables, the different types of soups, the kebabs, the pides, the sea food, the street food.. Everything is so fresh and cooked exactly the way you want it. And also the turkish delight.. So yummy. Don’t forget to buy some of those before leaving the city.

The  Joy Of Wandering And Exploring the Unknown

Taking the ferry to the Asian side and back, passing by the Maiden’s Tower, is such an experience that is difficult to put into words without seeing it in person. Walking the streets through numerous parks, climbing up hills and discovering tombs, mosques, churches, and so much more in every spot your visit is a non-stop fun. You never know what to expect next since the city is so full of vibrancy and life. It might be a new friend, a new food, a piece of history you would never know about its  existence – You see one thing and the next thing you see is something totally different. Wander the streets to unsurface the unknown.

The Night Life

Wonderful dinners with views over the Bosphorus, a night at the theater, the opera, the latest pop hit. Catching the latest exhibition in a world-class art museum. You want some jazz and take a sip of your whisky, then a brick building somewhere in Kadiköy. Or may be what you are looking for is a traditional Turkish tavern. Just name it and Istanbul will provide you with the best option to cheer your night.

Turkish Hospitality At Its Best

Every time you visit Istanbul, you will be welcomed with great welcome and hospitality. Every person you come across, every person you meet will treat you as if you were friends like forever. Don’t get tired of free pastries, teas and Turkish delights because these “ikrams” will keep coming nonstop during your stay in Istanbul.

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