Golden Tips to Consider at The Airport


Double Check your Flight Status 

I am sure you are saying, ‘Isn’t it too obvious’ or ‘Let’s not talk over it’. Still a lot of travellers make this mixtape so we better talk about it.

You might wake up early in the morning, get to the airport and find that your flight is cancelled, or arrive at the airport to see that your departure time has been changed and you miss the flight. Both of the situations I mentioned above are horrible and trust me it happens to people so many times. To avoid being in such a bad situation, please either check your flight status regularly or download apps such as Triplt to prevent it from happening.

Parking At the Airport 

One of the main reasons of peoples’ gettinf late at the airports is parking problem.

If you are to drive yourself to the airport you must be aware of the situation of parking ahead of ttime. Before you set off, make sure that you know what the situation  like at the airport and how many lots are open.

Check if the airport you are driving towards has a parking lot status page on their websites or a telephone line where you can reach them to get the necessary information  for smooth and not time-consuming parking that will save you minutes. There must be some alternative parking lots around airports, and during high seasons when airport parking lots are likely to be full, knowing those alternatives is priceless.

Online Check-in 

Another way to save up time and energy is to check in online when you don’t have to check in bags. If you are checking in bags having a pre-printed boarding pass doesn’t help much because the staff end issuing you with another when you check in your luggage. However, when you don’t have to check in bags having a pre-printed boarding pass certainly saves you the time you would have spent at the check-in queue. Not only to save time, but also to secure the seat you need on the plane, you better follow this procedure.

Luggage Weight 

You will be charged by many of the airlines wi if your bag is past the weight limit. You could weigh your luggage at home before you set off and this is most probably  the best thing to do. Buy a scale from the nearest supermarket; it is not expensive and will definitely help you out during your next airport visit. However, if you don’t have a scale at home, you don’t have to worry since most airports have installed a scale at the check-in area and this will allow you to confirm the weight of your luggage and make any changes before joining the check-in queue. If your luggage is heavy and looks overpacked, they might stop you to see what is in them and this will cause nothing but a waste of your precious time. You had better check your belongings’ weight  beforehand.

Learn the Airport Layout 

It is a fact that  every airport has a different layout. It’s therefore very important that you learn the layout of the airport you will be visiting in order to identify the best routes to critical checkpoints such as security, check-in, and your gate. Knowing where to go and how to go there will definitely save you a few precious minutes.


Place all your documents such as passport, boarding pass, credit card and other important stuff in a place where you can easily get them before you set off for the airport. Place them in your wallet or handbag so that you could reach them easily whenever necessary; you wouldn’t like to waste your  time rummaging through your suitcase to find your passport at the airport while your  time for departure is getting closer and closer.

Wait at your Gate 

When you are done security control and check-in, instead of wondering around aimlessly, please wait for your time of flight at the gate where you can see the official P.A system, which might delay information a little bit, but still it is better than walking around.

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