Fancy living in a cave?

Cappadocia has  amazing landscape that one can not see anywhere else in the world. Giant monumental rocks and Fairy  Chimneys (Hoodoos) surround you creating a moon-like atmosphere. Same can be said about the dwellings. People literally had to take refuge inside underground cities and caves until quite recently. It seems as if life was quite risky and unbearable at the time but it has never been like that. For instance, the temperature in an underground city does not change much. Always between 15 to 20 degrees. If it is freezing cold or boring hot outside, it can be quite mild and bearable inside a cave dwelling. It is the same for the cave hotel rooms. The stones that they have been using for them are special volcanic stones which can only be obtained from certain parts of Cappadocia and those stones make the air in the room fresh and warm enough at all times. And the rooms are water and sound-proof which is good if what you are looking for is a soundless sleep.

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