Corona Fact in Turkey

Coronavirus Outbreak in Turkey

This evil virus started in China sometime last December, and  the disease caused by a coronavirus has spread to at least 180 countries and regions across the world including Turkey. According to experts, it arrived in Turkey sometime in March and Turkey is the 81th worst hit country in the world. Brasil and the US are currently the worst-hit regions. Russia has also been affected very bad, however, the number of people recovered is on the rise these days.

What about the situation in Turkey and Turkey’s actions against it?

Turkey’s respond to coronavirus has been exemplary and its quick response at it has saved many lives so far. The virus claimed thousands of lives and it is expected to get more and more the following days, however, strict precautions taken by the Turkish government have saved many lives up to now.

Turkey has delivered medical help to at least 60 countries to step up their fight against COVID-19 pandemic so far. Turkey has been helping countries by delivering crucial medical stuff. Turkish people care not only about their citizens but also those affected in the rest of the world.

The number of people  infected by the coronavirus has declined dramatically over the last 4 weeks and Turkey recorded the lowest number of new cases recently. These days the number of  cases infected is about 900 but the number is likely to get down soon since people are strictly complying with the rules concerning wearing masks and social distancing.

Is it OK to visit Turkey now?

Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry launched a “healthy tourism certification” project to ensure fulfillment of high health and hygiene standards at airlines, airports and other transportation facilities, accommodations and food venues.

Turkey acts responsibly in all these processes, not only for the health of our citizens, but also for its guests to ensure that they have their holidays at peace.

Numbers all around the world

The pandemic has killed more than 620.000 people, with total infections nearing to 15 million, while around 9 million people have recovered from the disease up to now.

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