Traditional Drinks to Try While in Turkey

Turkish tea

There is no doubt that food in the culture of Turkey is so important. To be honest, it is not just the food but also the variety in terms of drinks. Some drinks are good if you feel thirsty, some to warm you up when you feel chilly. All of them are worth trying,however, some of them are super popular. When you come to Turkey, you must try them! Here are some of them:

Turkish Coffee

Many methods of coffee making are available today and most probably Turkish coffee making is one of the oldest ones. It has a unique taste.It is boiled, gets a bit  foamy on top and served with water. If you are lucky enough, you might find a fortune teller to help you with it after you done.

The design of the thin-l cup and the protective foam, keeps the coffee hotter for longer as you enjoy each sip.People in Turkey mostly drink it after a wholesome meal because it is good for digestion.This has been a very old tradition. Besides, Turkish coffee strengthens your friendship. It is like a symbol of long-term friendship.There is even a saying; If you drink Turkish coffee with a friend, it will keep your relationship tight enough for 40 years.

By the way it is served with cold water since it would clean your palate.



Turkish tea has a long history. According to some at least 5000 years old. It is strongly related to Turkish culture. People consume a lot of tea in Turkey and Turkey is an important tea producing country. In the eastern Black Sea Coast, there is a city called Rize which gets a lot of rain throughout the year. That’s why they are number one in terms of production. More than half of the tea plantations in Turkey might be seen in Rize. They process the leaves and then they are brewed. It is a hot drink that is consumed at regular basis. Although some prefer to drink it cold but it is not the case for many. The best tea is drunk boiling hot. It also goes very well with simit (beagel).

Turkish Ayran

Ayran ( Buttermilk)

Add some tap water into your plain yoghurt. You might add some salt and shake it until it becomes homogeneous enough. Ayran is one of the things, a gift that has been given to the rest of the world. If you are into drinking yoghurt you’ll definitely love the freshness and taste of buttermilk just as much. Preparation is quite easy and definitely super super healthy. It can be drunk at home temperature but it is best when it is cold.


Turkish Boza


It is made out of wheat and yeast. Its sweet and tangy flavour makes it super addictive. When it is cold, one of the things that come to people’s mind is tea and Boza. Originally Boza is from ancient Anatolia when people had the access to wheat, corn, rice and barley. It is said that it lowers your blood pressure and super rich in potassium. Mostly it is served with fresh chickpeas or peanuts. If you happen to hear a street seller in his traditional outfit and holding his giant container(pot)  shouting ‘Bozaaa’, don’t get scared. Just get one cup of it and enjoy the rest of the day.


Turkish Salgam

Şalgam Suyu (Pickled Turnip Juice)

It is quite famous in the south part of Turkey. There are some cities like Adana, Mersin and Hayat where this juice is more popular than tea and ayran. ( It is something to do with the boiling hot weather) Pickled turnip juice comes from the mustard family.They  mix the beets with water and salt to create a simple pickle. Thanks to black carrots, it becomes red.





Turkish Raki


One of the best known and popular drinks of Turkey is Rakı(Raki). An alcoholic drink with  no color. People mostly drink it adding some water. Otherwise, without deluding it with some water, it might turn out to be rocket fuel. It  is made from processing anise and grapes. You’ll find many people enjoying a glass or two after work at sunset with friends, listening to some folk or arabesque music, enjoying some appetisers like some cheese, pastrami, olives and chatting the night away.

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